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  1. Hi Katie, my name is Charisse. I am almost 54 and I am just now really starting to enjoy my sewing machine. I have been sewing on and off for over 30 years. (Mostly off) I just wanted to say that I greatly appreciate your ability to teach and being thorow at the same time. Your tone and speed of instruction is perfect!!! I can understand you. Yes yes!! I made your adorable draw string backpack for my Hani Granddaughter. Which basically means in Hawaiian that she calls me Grandma no blood relation, and I except the roll with open arms. Anyway it is now her favorite bag.
    So now I am making her a trick or treat bag that is coming out just great. However I am using a Green Pepper pattern (Rugged Tote) I did not want the handle attachment on the outside of the bag, and I want to line it. So I made a lining just like the bag but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to line it so the handles come out right. Can you please help. Yes I have checked out YouTube, but nothing really works for my application. I'm also using tape as if I was sewing it just to see if it will come out right and for the life of me my brain just is in stuck mode. Thank you ahead of time, from Desperate and tired Grandma in Hawaii.

    1. you would make the outer shell, then the lining (with a section unsewn for turning), turn the lining inside out, and the outer shell would be right sides out. Slide the outer shell inside the lining, so the "right" sides are facing each other. Line up side seams and pin along that top edge. Determine where you want the handles, there will be 2 spots for each handle where it will be attached, mark those spots with a pencil. Remove any pins that are between these marks. Insert you handle between the layers, I mean between the outer shell and the lining, between the right sides. Line up each end of your handle to the marks, making sure the handle is not twisted. I would make the strap/handle long enough that you would have at least an inch of handle inside the seam, so you will have a little tab sticking up that you will see from the outside. Pin the handle in place, repeat on the other side. Sew around that top edge, turn your work through the unsewn section in the lining. Press that top seam you just sewed, I would top stitch and then maybe run another top stitch 1 inch from the top (this is catch that extra length from the handle) for added strength. The reason the handle is on the outside of the Green Pepper pattern is to make it very strong. A handle that is just on the seam will not be as strong, but ok for just carrying some candy. Good luck

  2. you call flight bottle {slight} want ?

  3. Hi! I'm working on enlarging the baby afghan to an adult size. I'm thinking I should chain 215.....what do u think? I love this pattern!!

  4. Hi Katie,
    Finally I am able to crochet the rumpled ripple pattern to make an afghan.
    I would like to finish it with a border so that it has a straight edge.
    Do you have the directions for that
    Thank you!


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