Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Starburst Motif Pattern

Starburst Motif
I made this star burst motif for a holiday ornament swap I participate in each year.  I love to use bright contrasting colors but this could also be made in more subdued colors or even a single color.  Add a hook or simply make a loop of yarn to hang the ornament.

Crocheted motifs make excellent Christmas tree ornaments because they are lightweight and won't shatter if when your cat knocks them to the floor.  Use them to decorate a wrapped present, a hostess gift or a plate of cookies.  String them together as a garland.  There are hundreds of way to use these motifs.

This pattern is a great way to use up scrap yarn.  You only need about 15 yards all together.  I used a size g hook but any similar sized hook will work.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to help you.

Foundation: With color A, ch 3, sl st into 3rd ch from the hook to form a ring.
Rnd 1: ch 2, put 12 hdc into the ring, sl st to top of ch 2, fasten off
Rnd 2: join color B into any st, ch 4 (counts as beginning dc + ch 1), *1 dc in next st, ch 1* repeat between (*) 10 more times, sl st in 3rd chain in beginning dc, fasten off
Rnd 3: join color A to any ch 1 space, ch 2 (counts as beginning hdc), 1 hdc into same ch 1 space, ch 1, * 2hdc in the next ch 1 space, ch 1* repeats between (*) 10 more times,sl st to top of beginning ch, fasten off
Rnd 4: join color C in any ch 1 space, ch 6 (counts as beginning dc + ch3), dc in same space, *dc, ch3, dc, in next ch 1 space* repeats between (*) 10 more times,sl st into top of beginning dc, fasten off

Rnd 5: join color A in any ch 3 space, ch 1(counts as beginning sc), 4 sc in same ch 3 space, *5 sc in next ch 3 space* repeat between (*) 10 more times, sl st to beginning sc, fasten off, weave in all loose ends.

This pattern and video tutorial is my original creation, please link to the original pattern or video when sharing.

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  1. So pretty! Thanks for sharing your talent! hugs! 8-)

  2. Looking forward to making some of these for next year!!! Thanks for sharing!


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