Friday, February 14, 2014

More Snack Boxes

Here are some more of my most recent snack boxes :)
Persimmon, Swiss cheese, cucumber, radish and hazelnuts

Cake, Ritz cracker, celery and cucumber, persimmon

oatmeal cookie, dried pineapple, Swiss cheese, carrots, and celery

Swiss cheese, carrots and celery, persimmon, granola bar, almonds

cucumber and radish slices, banana peanut butter roll ups, pecans, peanut butter fudge, goldfish

I make these snack boxes once a week, usually Fridays, to add to my husband's lunch.  Its a nice treat and they are fun to make.  Be on the lookout for tips and tutorials in the coming weeks if you would like to learn how to make snack boxes like these.

Click here to see more of my snack boxes

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