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Spiral Mittens Pattern and Tutorial

Here is the adult version of the spiral mitten.  Check out the Baby Spiral Mitten pattern in case you missed it.

This is a multi sized pattern with adjustments in the pattern and video tutorial.  Use the first adjustment for small, the second for medium or the third adjustment to make the large.

This pattern is written with US crochet terms.  I used Bernat Super Value and Red Heart Super Saver yarns, which are medium worsted weight, and a size H crochet hook.  You will also need a pair of scissors, a blunt yarn needle and a measuring tape or ruler. 

If you have any questions about this pattern, leave a comment and I will do my best to help you.

Spiral Mittens

This is a multi sized pattern. Small/child size, medium or large.

  1. In color A ch 5, skip 1st chain from hook, 1 sc, 1hdc in top loop of 2nd chain from hook, 1 hdc in the top loop of the next 2 ch, 2 hdc in top loop of last st, pull up a long loop to prevent your stitches from being pulled out during handling
  2. Turn your work upside down and join on color B into the other loop of the last stitch you worked into, ch 1, 1 sc, 1hdc in the same st, 1 hdc in other loop of the next 2 ch, 2 hdc in other loop of the last st, pull up a long loop
  3. Pick up color A, pull the working yarn until the loop is snug around your hook, 3 hdc (increase made) in the sc of color B, 1 hdc in each stitch down the long edge, pull up a loop
  4. Pick up color B, place 3 hdc in sc of color A, 1 hdc in each stitch down the long side.
  5. Continue spiraling, placing 1 hdc in each stitch and placing 1 increase in both short ends of each row. To find the stitch you will increase in, hold your foundation chain straight up and down and locate the stitch directly above the chain, this is the stitch in which you will put your 3 hdc increase.
  6. Continue in this way until you have (20, 24, 28) st, then continue with 1 hdc in each stitch until the mitten is (4, 5, 6) inches in total length.
  7. Keeping the foundation ch straight, flatten the mitten, hdc until you are (1, 2, 3) stitches away from one edge, ch (6, 8, 10) st, skip (2, 4, 6) st and hdc in next st and in each of the next 5 st. When you come over top of the chain in the other color you will work 1 hdc in each ch then in each hdc as before
  8. After the thumb hole is complete you will begin decreases on the short ends to taper back down for the wrist. To decrease you will work 1 hdc2tog on each short end of each row until you have (16, 20, 24) st. To work hdc2tog: yo and insert hook into the first st, yo and pull up a loop, yo and insert hook into the next st, yo and pull up a loop, yo and pull through all loops on the hook. Finish with colors ending opposite each other. To fasten off you will work 1 sc on the next st, then 1 sl st in the next st, and fasten off.
  9. Join on cuff color in any st along the bottom edge, *ch 1, 1 hdc in each st around, sl st into beginning st to join round, repeat from * for 1-4 more rows or until the cuff is as long as you like.
  1. To make the thumb, with color A, ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook to form a ring, ch 1, 1 sc then (1, 2, 3) hdc into ring, pull up a long loop. Join on color B in the ring, ch 1, 1sc, then (1, 2, 3) hdc into ring, pull up a long loop.
  2. Pick up color A and work 2 hdc in sc of the opposite color, pull up a long loop
  3. Repeat step 2 with color B
  4. work 1 hdc into each stitch spiraling around as before until your thumb measures (1 ½, 2, 2) inches long.
  5. The thumb should have (6, 8, 10) st around and needs to fit into a hole which is (8, 12, 16) st around. You will need to add (2, 4, 6) stitches to make the thumb the same size as the hole it will fit into. Increase by putting 3hdc in the same st, this will give you 2 extra st per row. So you will need (1, 2, 3) rows of increases for the thumb to match the hole. For the small you will just add one increase to the last row, for the medium and large you will stack the increases on top of each other by placing the increase in the middle hdc of the previous rows increase.
  6. Fasten off the colors opposite each other by stepping down from hdc to sc to sl st as you did at the cuff. Leave long tails, you will use these tails to sew the thumb onto the mitten.
  7. Turn the mitten inside out and insert the thumb into the hole. Line up the increases on the thumb along the middle of the chain of the mitten. Line up the st on the thumb with the corresponding st in the mitten. Using a yarn needle and the tails from the thumb, whip stitch the thumb onto the mitten.
  8. Turn the mitten right side out, weave in the ends. Your mitten is complete. Repeat all these steps again to make the pair.

Please credit me as designer and link back to this original pattern when sharing.  Thank you!


  1. Love these! Great job on the tutorial. Thank you for sharing :-) I pinned them for later to try.

  2. I haven't tried making mittens yet but might give these a try.


  3. Great mitten pattern. :D There's just something about mittens that reminds me of great winters. Love it.


  4. Great pattern! Can't wait to try this. :)
    Found your blog on Hookin on hump day.


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