Friday, October 3, 2014

DIY Washable Nursing Pads

When I was pregnant I had dreams of making all sorts of things for baby and myself.  Nesting hit me hard but most of my time was spent in the kitchen.  One thing I was able to craft for after baby was nursing pads.  I made some from pretty green flannel and I made some from some old ratty t-shirts.  I thought the flannel ones would be so comfortable and soft and most importantly...a pretty green color.  As it turns out, the flannel would stick to tender spots and leave lint.  They were also a bit stiff  and generally were the last I reached for.  The old ratty t-shirts that had been washed countless times were perfectly soft, perfectly lint free, and perfectly flexible.  After more than a year, I still use them every single day.

I made them with four layers of fabric.  I found that it was the perfect thickness, thin enough to double up when needed, but substantial enough to stand on their own once things settled into a routine.  I do not include a waterproof layer in these pads.  I never found it was necessary and I have even read that it could be problematic by holding moisture close to the skin.  I simply change out the wet pad for a new dry one.

The t-shirts I used were 100% cotton and mostly old undershirt, plain white tees.  At first I was lamenting that I they weren't cute colors or prints but I found that the plain white and black worked best at staying hidden.  My nursing bras were plain black and white and a brightly colored pad would just love to peek out!

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