Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crochet Baby Bibs

I completed several projects for my baby while I was still pregnant.  I had plans to make many more, of course, but its so hard  to anticipate the needs of a person you have yet to meet.  I made several hats only to discover that bonnets stay on better.  I made some booties that were too small for her long feet.  I made wool diaper soakers but never got around too using them before she outgrew them (oops!).  One of the things that I made that have been very useful are bibs.  I made a couple simple cotton bibs using this pattern and cotton yarn from my stash.  The yarn is mostly Sugar'n Cream and some Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton.  These bibs work perfectly for catching drool and keeping her clothes clean and dry.
These are a good size for her now, but it would be incredibly easy to make these larger or smaller by changing hook size or adding a couple extra stitches.  The patterns works up quickly and easily.  A great stash buster!

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