Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Daisy Bonnet Crochet Pattern

Its been snowing nearly everyday and everyone is sick of the winter weather.  Soon enough spring will arrive and all the flowers will be blooming.  If you can't wait for the real flowers, the cheerful daisy on this bonnet may help.  I made this bonnet in the bright funky colors of a gerbera daisy but you could make the petals white for the classic shasta daisy.

This pattern uses US crochet terms.  If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will do my best to help you.  This pattern fits on my large 6 month old but for an average size baby I would say this is a size 9-12 months.  Using a smaller crochet hook will result in a smaller bonnet.

The materials needed are about 2 ounces of main color worsted weight yarn, scraps yarn for the flower center and petals, a size H crochet hook, a blunt tapestry needle for weaving in ends and scissors.

To make the flower center:

Foundation : ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook to form a ring

Round 1: ch 3, 7 dc into the ring, sl st to top of beginning ch 3 to join, fasten off

To make the petals:

Round 2: Join petal color to any stitch of the flower center, ch 3 (this acts as dc here and throughout), 1 tr, then 1 dc in the same stitch, *dc, tr, dc (petal cluster made) in the next stitch repeat from * around, sl st to top of beginning stitch to join, fasten off. You should have 8 petals.

With main color:
Round 3: Join main color to the space between any two petals, ch 3, dc, ch 1 2 dc in same stitch, *2dc, ch1 2dc (split cluster made) in next space between petals, repeat from * around, sl st to top of beginning stitch to join. You should have 8 split clusters.

Row 1: Sl st in next st and into the ch 1 space of split cluster, ch 3, 2 dc in same space, *3dc in next space, (the space may be between two clusters or the ch 1 space within the cluster), repeat from * around. You should have 16 clusters. Do not join the round.
Row 2: Ch 3, turn the work, skip the first cluster and *3 dc in next space between clusters, repeat from * around. Place 1 dc in the top of the last stitch. You will have 15 clusters.
Row 3: Ch 3, turn, 2 dc in the first space (ch 3 + 2dc make the first cluster), *3 dc in next space between clusters, repeat from * around to the last space. You will have 16 clusters.
Repeat rows 2 & 3 6 more times for a total of 15 rows.

Finishing: ch 1 to ease around the corner, sc evenly around the lower edge placing 2 sc in the end of each row. At the 4th row from the front edge you will place 1 sc, then ch 45, then skip the first ch from the hook and sl st into each chain back up to the bonnet (tie made), then place the 2nd sc into the 4th row and continue the sc border. Once you reach the center back you will skip the 2 slip stitches of round 3 and continue the sc border down the other side. Once you come to the 4th row from the front edge make the second tie in the same way as previously described. Once the tie is made you will continue the sc border in the last 3 rows to the front edge. Ch 1 to ease around the corner then place *1 sc in each of the first 2 dc then 1 sc into the space between the clusters, repeat all the way across the front edge. Fasten off, weave in ends.

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  1. Love this, Katie! It's just adorable and the timing is perfect; I'm planning to make a couple crochet bonnets in a few weeks. I may give your pattern a try! Thank you for stopping by for Off-the-Hook Friday!

  2. I made this beautiful bonnet but added my own touch. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome!

    1. I'm so glad you like it! Thanks for the comment, it warms my heart :)

  3. what a beautiful little bonnet :) thanks for sharing the pattern Katie!

    1. My pleasure! I'm happy to hear you like it!

  4. I have baby fever as my husband says this is adorable and looks so easy thank you for sharing

  5. I just started and finished this today! I can't wait to try it on my baby when she's awake tomorrow! Thank you fun such a fun pattern

  6. Thanks for doing this. I have just finished making this bonnet thanks to your clear instructions.


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